Third Times A Charm. (or something like that)

December 16, 2010

It is the one month anniversary of the one month anniversary of starting this blog, or close to it. I have another blog, on blogspot. I haven’t touched it since 09. I forgot about it, to be honest. So let’s catch up. Things are changing. Life is changing. I need to find something to do with it. Like move to Australia, or California, or Texas, or Nashvegas, or Charlotte, or New Mexico. I have absolutely nothing to say, except that God is good; and I really really really love music. I’m really glad to be able to play music, even though sometimes I don’t enjoy the music I play. I think I need to just start playing by myself; so that I can play what I want. Then maybe I can become a semi-successful ambient artist and have about 1200 followers on twitter. That’d be rad. I’d be content with 1200. Perhaps I’ll even follow random people, so they follow me, and then unfollow them. Just to seem popular. I am a crazy person. I break everyone’s heart. I even break my own heart. If I just type my thoughts I feel like this blog can become huge. yes? I need an iphone.

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